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Education SPLOST

Investing in Education -- Facts/Talking Points About Education SPLOST:


What is an Education SPLOST?

• The Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for Education, also known as E-SPLOST, is a one penny sales tax on all  retail sales in Habersham County.

• Education SPLOST is a fair consumption tax because it is paid by anyone who makes a purchase in Habersham County, whether resident or out-of-county visitor. 


• Education SPLOST is not a property tax, thus the local responsibility for providing financial support to the school system does not lie soley on Habersham County property owners.  
• Education SPLOST is only for a specific period of time and is only used for purposes approved by Habersham voters.


• Education SPLOST revenue and expenses are audited twice every year.   


What can Education SPLOST funds be used for?

By law, an E-SPLOST is only used to support public school district capital projects such as: 


• Pay General Obligation Bond debt previously incurred for construction of new schools.  

• School Buses, Technology, Security Upgrades, and Facility Upgrades. 

• Other expenses approved by voters in the E-SPLOST ballot.

• E-SPLOST can not be used to pay employee salaries or benefits.


Education SPLOST affords the school system the local funds necessary to ensure our students continue to have the resources needed for exceptional academic instruction in a safe and secure environment, and ultimately, Success for All Students.