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The purpose of the Georgia Student Assessment Program is to measure student achievement of the state-adopted content standards and inform efforts to improve teaching and learning.  Results of the assessment program are utilized to identify students failing to achieve mastery of content, to provide teachers with feedback about instructional practice, and to assist school districts in identifying strengths and weaknesses in order to establish priorities in planning educational programs. 

Habersham County students are tested on a variety of state mandated assessments. These include:  EOG (End of Grade), EOC (End of Course), GAA (Georgia Alternate Assessment), GKIDS (Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills) and ACCESS 2.0 for EL students. Some students may also participate in the AP (Advanced Placement),  SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test),  ACT (American College Testing), NAEP (National Association of Educational Progress) and BEACON.

The State Board of Education (SBOE) gave preliminary approval to lowering End-of-Course (EOC) testing weights to .01 percent of students' final grades at its monthly meeting on Thursday, Nov. 19. This reduces the weight from its current level, 20 percent, and is lower than the level the board proposed at its October meeting. This proposed change will be posted for public comment for 30 days. The board will vote on final approval at a called meeting in December. The board's decision on the testing weight is preliminary. The rule will be posted for public comment for 30 days, and the SBOE will vote on its approval at a called December meeting.

For more information contact Dr. Renee York, Testing Director at or 706-778-2020, ext. 105.