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Virtual Learning Program Information for Parents

The Habersham County School System is pleased to offer an innovative virtual learning program as an option for K-12 students. To inquire about available slots for Habersham Virtual Learning, please contact the principal of your child’s school.
Parents- Please click on the drop-down below for Virtual Learning FAQ's for answers to frequently asked questions. 
Virtual Learning Contract- English (Must have prior school administrative approval) 
Virtual Learning Contract- Spanish Copy (Con permiso del director del escuela) 
If you have enrolled in virtual learning (requires contacting home school principal and completing a virtual learning contract) and did not receive login instructions, please email with your student's name and grade level. 
First Day of School- Virtual Learning Program
Students should log in to Pearson Connexus and begin class assignments according to the time of day that your family has set aside for virtual learning.
Students can typically expect to spend between 45-90 minutes per subject depending on the grade level, subject area and individual learning rates.
Teachers will provide information on the Connexus platform via announcements and Webmail. 
Please see the FAQ's below for additional frequently asked questions and answers. 
Chromebook pick-up if you need a school-issued device:
August 31st- Secondary Students (Grades 6-12) at each student's home school location- 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. (Drive-thru pick up)
September 2nd- Elementary Students (Grades K-5) at each student's home school location- 10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.
Device agreement/contract will be signed at pick-up. 
September 1st-
Parents/Guardians will receive student account login information via email.
September 1st- September 4th-
Students and parents will need to complete the orientation course (30-45 minutes) and ensure their child(ren) can log in to the platform before Friday, September 4th.
September 8th-
Classes begin- Students should log into the Pearson Connexus portal at any time and begin course assignments. 
School Lunch Options for Virtual Students
Link to Access My Payments Plus-
Parents play a vital role in their child's success as Learning Coaches. We need you! 
Parents will have an account that allows you to log in from any location and oversee your child's daily work and progress. Observer accounts will be assigned after students have started their courses. 
This is a great article about the parent's role as a learning coach-
Things you can do to set your child up for a successful virtual learning experience:
  • Create a designated workspace for learning with minimal distractions and good lighting
  • Establish a consistent schedule with regular stretch breaks
  • Assist your child with utilizing and understanding the tools in the Pearson Connexus platform (such as the Calendar & To Do List) to stay on track
  • Monitor progress daily 
  • Communicate and collaborate with support teachers
Please help us communicate with your child that each online lesson and activity is timestamped. This counts for attendance and allows our teachers to see real-time analytics for each student. 
How is the virtual learning program different from the learning from home plan?
Learning from home (implemented in March- May) involved students' current teachers providing support using various resources and platforms. The virtual learning program will utilize the Pearson Connexus curriculum and a support teacher will be assigned. 
If traditional schools close, what will happen to the virtual learning program?
Students in the virtual program will continue their coursework in Connexus and not experience a change in their learning program should traditional schools close. 
How much time will my child be online?
The amount of learning time will vary for each student. A general guideline is between 60-90 minutes for English Language Arts & Mathematics and 30-45 minutes for Social Studies and Science. Again, this varies according to each child's individual learning pace and work habits. There are some activities at the K-8 level that will be completed offline. 
Will my child receive workbooks? What supplies are needed?
There are a few courses at the K-5 level that include an accompanying workbook and/or a few materials. If your child is enrolled in a course that includes materials, those will be mailed by Pearson to the address the school system has on file for your student(s). Supplies needed at home include:
  • A device and reliable Internet
  • A designated workspace
  • Basic supplies such as paper and pencils
  • A calendar or planner for students that need a visual time tracker
Younger students may need some basic art supplies such as markers, crayons, construction paper and glue sticks. 
Please see the attached list below for Pearson's Recommendations for Parent Resources. Many of these items are common household items. 
WiFi zones in school parking lots will be available. Contact your child's school for access times if you need to utilize WiFi parking lot zones. 
Will a support teacher meet daily with my child?
No. Support teachers will provide a weekly Live Lesson and be available by other methods of communication to assist students and families. 
What happens if my child cannot attend the Live Lesson?
Efforts will be made to make recordings available. However, it is recommended that students attend Live Lessons whenever possible for an opportunity to engage in discussions with their teacher and peers. 
Can my child work ahead?
Please communicate with your support teacher if there is a special circumstance and your child needs to work ahead (for example, missing a day of instruction due to an appointment). However, best practice is pacing according to the calendar for each unit/lesson to clearly understand and retain information. The platform does not allow for "clicking-through" and includes multiple interactive components and assessments to proceed. Each lesson is timestamped.  
If my child has an IEP or 504 plan, will accommodations be provided?
Support teachers will provide accommodations to the extent that an online virtual platform allows. 
Will grades count in the virtual learning program?
Yes. Students will earn grades and receive course credit the same as if they were in a traditional school setting. 
Will my child participate in assessments?
Yes, your child may be asked to complete benchmark assessments as well as assessments in the Pearson Connexus curriculum. End of Grade and End of Year assessments are required of both traditional and virtual students. 
Can we return to the traditional school setting during the semester? 
Your child must remain enrolled in the virtual learning setting until the end of the semester. Contact your child's principal if there is an extreme hardship during this time. 
Who do I contact for issues? 
If there is a technical issue with Pearson Connexus, parents will be provided with information to contact support during orientation. For other questions or needs, parents will be provided with information in the days ahead about communicating with support teachers and administrators.
Can my student continue in the virtual learning program in the second semester?
Yes. Renewal contracts and additional information will be shared with families prior to the start of the second semester. 
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