New Students

New Student Registration will be closed for Thanksgiving Break 11/20-11/24
Online forms (link below) can still be completed during this time.
The office will reopen Monday, November 27th at 8 a.m. 


How do I enroll my new student?

Step 1- Click on the link below and submit the online form (one for each student)-

New Students for the 2023-2024 School Year

Step 2- Visit Centralized Registration and complete the process.

Due to limited office space, we ask for only the enrolling parent to finish the process.
Registrations take up to 24 hours to process once all documents are receivedRequired documents are listed below- click here for a checklist.
Your child's previous school sends academic records (such as grades and attendance) to your child's new school, not to Central Registration. Enrolling documents are separate from academic records and those will need to be brought to our office to complete registration. The registration is incomplete until all documents are received. If your child's immunizations are not on a Georgia form, those will need to be transferred by your physician and/or the health department prior to enrollment. 
Required enrolling documents:
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Student Social Security Card or Signed Waiver
  • Proof of residency- must contain name and address of enrolling parent or guardian* (Current utility bill that verifies a service is provided to the 911 address- power/water/natural gas/sanitation services). A signed lease is accepted only if it specifies in the terms that all utilities will remain in the owner's name. 
  • Completed Georgia Immunization Form** [Form 3231 to be provided by your physician or health department] 
  • Completed Georgia Certificate of Eye, Ear, Dental, Nutrition Examinations Form [Form 3300- Click here for the form to be completed by your physician or health department]
  • Photo ID of enrolling parent/guardian

*If you do not have proof of current residency in your name, you must complete the affidavit of residency form with notarized signatures AND attach the current proof of 911 in the owner/leasor name listed on the statement of legal residence form.

If you pay for services online, please print a statement prior to the appointment or you can forward the statement to the registrar email account at your appointment.

**If your child's immunizations are not a Georgia Form, those will need to be transferred over at the Health Department.

Students who have been withdrawn from Habersham County Schools or who leave the United States must also register as a new student. 

For information or questions about GA Pre-K, contact the Curriculum Department at 706-754-2110. 

Questions related to an athletic program? Contact that program's coach for further assistance, or Geep Cunningham, Athletic Director.  Click Here for athletic program information.

Central Registration Office

(Ninth Grade Academy Campus, side entrance in round building, see image above)

165 Raider Circle

Mount Airy, GA 30563

(706) 778-2020

Hours: 8:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.

Email: [email protected]