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New Students

New Students for 2020-2021

Step 1-

Complete and submit the online registration form below (open all summer)-

Click Here to Complete & Submit Online Registration Form (Required)

Kindergarten Students- Parents of Kindergarten students who completed the online registration form above before July 20th will be contacted by school personnel to complete the process. Please do not schedule an appointment below unless you are completing the registration form after July 20th.

Step 2-

Click Here to reserve an on-site appointment at Central Registration to finish the enrollment process. Please reserve one date/time slot per family. You may also call our office (706) 778-2020 to schedule an appointment.
Please note due to limited space in the registrar's office, we ask for only the enrolling parent to finish the enrollment process. 
What do I need to do to finish the enrollment process? Provide the documents below to the Registrar.

Important note: Transcripts from previous schools contain academic records and not the enrolling documents. These must be provided from enrolling parents/guardians.

  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Student Social Security Card or Signed Waiver
  • Proof of residency* (Current utility bill- power/water/natural gas/cable- showing name and address of enrolling parent or guardian)
  • Completed Georgia Immunization Form** [Form 3231 to be provided by your physician or health department] 
  • Completed Georgia Certificate of Eye, Ear, Dental, Nutrition Examinations Form [Form 3300- Click here for the form to be completed by your physician or health department]
  • Photo ID of parent/guardian enrolling student


*If you do not have proof of current residency in your name, you must complete the affidavit of residency form with notarized signatures AND attach the current proof of 911 in the owner/leasor name listed on the statement of legal residence form.

**If your child's immunizations are not a Georgia Form, those will need to be transferred at the Health Department.


Central Registration Hours

The Registrar Office will open for appointments starting on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.
Click the link above in step 2 to make an appointment at the Registrar's Office. You may also call to reserve a time at 706-778-2020. 


Please note: Registrations take up to one hour to complete and 24-48 hours to process.

For information on GA Pre-K please contact Gail Gordon at 706-754-2110.


Students who have been withdrawn from Habersham County Schools or who leave the United States must also register as a new student. 


Central Registration Office

(Ninth Grade Academy Campus, side entrance in round building)

165 Raider Circle

Mount Airy, GA 30563

(706) 778-2020