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Mental Health Services

Habersham County Schools is committed to creating a healthy and safe learning environment for all students. Recognizing that positive mental health is crucial for the well-being and success of all students, we strive to educate, promote, and advocate to ensure all student's mental health needs are met. We aspire to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health concerns, provide early support and interventions, as well as connect students with community resources for additional care if needed.
Our district mental health specialists serve all 14 schools with their main office located at the Ninth Grade Academy at 171 Raider Circle, Mount Airy, GA 30563. 
If you or someone you know would like to connect with our mental health specialists or would like to request additional information please contact them at:

Angie Kerr, LMSW
Office: (706) 778-0830
Cell: (706) 949-4169
Kelsey Ondriezek LPC, NCC
Office: (706) 778-0830
Cell: (706) 968-7291
Miriam Duncan, LMSW
Office: (706) 778-0830
Cell: (706) 968-7229
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