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Name & Position Contact Info
Paige  Holland
School Nutrition Director
706-754-2110  Ext:125
Email Paige Holland
Anita  Ferguson
Clarkesville Elementary, Nutrition Manager
(706) 754-2442
Email Anita Ferguson
Pamela  Daniel
Cornelia Elementary, Nutrition Manager
(706) 778-6526
Email Pamela Daniel
Linda  Edwards
Demorest Elementary, Nutrition Manager
(706) 778-4126
Email Linda Edwards
Ann  Fry
Fairview Elementary, Nutrition Manager
(706) 778-2030
Email Ann Fry
Ann  Yardley
Hazel Grove Elementary, Nutrition Manager
(706) 754-2942
Email Ann Yardley
Tammy  Barnes
Level Grove Elementary, Nutrition Manager
(706) 778-3087
Email Tammy Barnes
Lisa  Watkins
Woodville Elementary, Nutrition Manager
(706) 754-4225
Email Lisa Watkins
Nicole  Trunk
Wilbanks Middle School, Nutrition Manager

Email Nicole Trunk
Amanda  Clark
NHMS, Nutrition Manager
(706) 754-2915
Email Amanda Clark
Joann   Loggins
SHMS, Nutrition Manager
(706) 778-7121
Email Joann Loggins
Andra  Henson
Hab 9th GA, Nutrition Manager
(706) 778-0830
Email Andra Henson
Damen  Ledford
Habersham Central, Nutrition Manager
(706) 778-7161
Email Damen Ledford
Sylvia  Gerrin
Nutrition Bookkeeper
(706) 754-2110  Ext:117
Email Sylvia Gerrin
Carolyn  Anderson
Free & Reduced Clerk
(706) 754-2110  Ext:103
Email Carolyn Anderson
Sue  Morris
Nutrition Bid / Menu Assistant
(706) 754-2110  Ext:139
Email Sue Morris

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