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Congratulations to Nita Watkins !!

Russ Nelson presented The Extra Mile Award to Nita Watkins, Music Teacher at Level Grove Elementary School.  The Level Grove Elementary School specials team made the nomination and in their nomination state:

Nita Watkins is a phenomenal music teacher as well as individual. The specials team was asked to take on the task of producing a video to promote our school through our website and social media. Our school has a baseball theme "where every player plays and every player wins. Bulldog Strong. Bulldog Proud." Nita took initiative immediately and planned a day where she scheduled the day down to the minute to involve EVERY employee of the school. Every teacher and para had team photos; the custodians were sweeping the bases; cafeteria workers had concession stand trays, and so on. The schedule was to ensure time was used effectively and everyone’s time was respected. All of this was from the hard work, imagination, and organization of Nita. Not only did she direct, but also she enlisted the help of a family friend who agreed to edit and film the video. This lady is so amazing!!!

We cannot express enough in words her tremendous work ethic, sincere kindness and incredible love that pours out from her each and every day! Nita has faced tremendous personal challenges since joining the Level Grove family; however, each and every day, she scores a homerun! She always goes above and beyond. She has left an indelible impact on our students and our teachers and staff. We are better people and teachers because she is in our lives. She is truly a blessing to work with! 

Dr. Hudson says "Nita exemplifies a Level Grove Bulldog All-Star and continually serves as an example to us all of how to live through all circumstances with a positivity, peace, and joy that surpasses understanding. She seeks opportunities to showcase her music students' strengths regardless of their ability and provides every child with high quality musical experiences. Her ability to bring everyone together to produce wonderful performances is amazing and has been integral in building a positive culture that is Bulldog Strong and Bulldog Proud!" 

Ms. Watkins received a framed certificate of recognition and a gift certificate to Zaxbys.

Congratulations to Vanessa Burns!!


Rick Williams presented the Clarkesville Rotary Club Service Above Self Award to Vanessa Burns, Driver’s Education Clerk at Habersham Central High School.  Mark Ausburn, Walt Poulson, Morris Brooks, Nikki English, and Martha Cantrell made the nomination and in their nomination state:

Mrs. Burns serves as the clerk for our Driver’s Education classes.  However, her title does not adequately describe all that Mrs. Burns does for her students.

Comments from Coach Ausburn and Coach Poulson:  Mrs. Burns is amazing.  She is so dedicated to all of her students. She is passionate about teaching the students all the knowledge they need to be responsible and safe drivers.  She teaches four Driver’s Education classes with no planning period while the driving instructors are on the road with students.  Mrs. Burns has complete command of her classroom as she demands and gets excellence from her students.  She continually exhibits a positive attitude in and out of the classroom and has earned the utmost respect from her students, fellow teachers, and administrators.  She really cares about all of her students.  She often stays after school to allow students to make up tests or missing work.  She goes the extra mile in helping our students be successful.  Service above self completely describes Vanessa Burns.

Comments from Coach Brooks, Mrs. English, and Dr. Cantrell:  We teach on the same hall with Mrs. Burns.  Mrs. Burns assists with four Driver’s Education classes every day which means the only break she has is a 30 minute break for lunch.  Often during this time we see her grading papers and making copies.  She also assists with after school driving to help students and managing the classes while Coach Poulson and Coach Ausburn are on the road with student drivers. She arranges for guest speakers to share real life examples to help the students understand the responsibilities they accept when they are behind the wheel.  She demonstrates the utmost respect for her students and it is obvious that her students return the same.  She exhibits high energy, quality instruction, a caring attitude, calmness, and a passion for helping the students become safe drivers.  Over the past several years that we have worked with Mrs. Burns, we have never heard her complain about her busy days or her workload.  She is one of the most positive, encouraging and professional individuals we have ever worked with.  Mrs. Burns gives her best each and every day, and we are very fortunate to have her on the Raider staff. 

Ms. Burns received a framed certificate of recognition from the Clarkesville Rotary Club and a gift certificate to Midtown Grill. 










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