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Habersham County Schools
132 Stanford Mill Road
PO Box 70
Clarkesville, GA 30523

706-754-2118 phone
706-754-1549 fax


Dr. Martha K Cantrell 706-754-2110  Extn: 128
Gifted Program Coordinator/AP Calculus AB/BC Email Dr. Martha  Cantrell
Dr. Kathleen Addison 706-778-7161
AP US History Email Dr. Kathleen Addison
Mrs. Lita Barnette 706-778-0830
Honors 9th Lit/Comp Email Mrs. Lita  Barnette
Mrs. Lisa Barrett 706-778-7161
Honors Accelerated Math II Email Mrs. Lisa Barrett
Mr. Ben Bolton 706-778-0830
Honors Physical Science Email Mr. Ben Bolton
Mrs. Pam Broome 706-778-0830
Honors World History/AP Human Geography Email Mrs. Pam Broome
Mrs. Crystal Cannon 706-778-7161
AP Chemistry/Honors Chemistry Email Mrs. Crystal Cannon
Mrs. Jeannie Collins 706-778-2030
Discovery Center Email Mrs. Jeannie Collins
Mrs. Erin Cross 706-778-7978
HWMS Junior Honors Grade 6/7 Math Email Mrs. Erin Cross
Mrs. Candie Dean 706-778-7978
HWMS Junior Honors ELA Email Mrs. Candie Dean
Dr. Rhea Galati 706-778-7161
AP English Language/AP English Lit Email Dr. Rhea Galati
Ms. Norma Garza 706-778-7161
AP Spanish Email Ms. Norma Garza
Mrs. Krista Ivester 706-778-7161
AP Biology/Honors Biology Email Mrs. Krista Ivester
Dr. Amber Kerr 706-778-7161
AP Studio Art Email Dr. Amber Kerr
Mrs. Jane Kitchens 706-778-2030
Discovery Center Email Mrs. Jane Kitchens
Mrs. Kathy Miller 706-778-7161
Honors Chemistry Email Mrs. Kathy  Miller
Mrs. Deborah Morrison 706-778-7161
Honors Precalculus Email Mrs. Deborah Morrison
Mrs. Angela Nunnally 706-778-7161
AP Macroeconomics Email Mrs. Angela Nunnally
Mrs. Patti Williams 706-778-7978
HWMS Honors Algebra I Email Mrs. Patti Williams

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