Footprints Across the Finish Line
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    Habersham Central High School's Track Team starts off the new season with returning favorites, new potential, and four great coaches.
     The returning favorites are Kevin Ellison, Austin Allen, Emily Robinson,  Wesley Wong, Mallory Thurmond, and Jonathon Gagron.  
     Ellison will compete in the one hundred meter, the two hundred meter, and the long jump. Allen and Robinson will participate in the shot-put events. Wong will compete in the triple jump. Thurmond will be running distance in the eight hundred meter, and Gagron will run in the two mile event.
     The coaches for this season include Sam Ivester, Krista Ivester, Matt King, and Mike Vanwinkle. Coach Sam Ivester coaches the long distance, triple jump, and the sprints. Coach Krista Ivester covers the high jump, hurtles, and sprints. Coach King helps with the middle distance and distance. Coach Vanwinkle presides over the shot-put and discus.
      Certain members of the team are the natural leaders, and these individuals are respected and give the team the courage and confidence needed for the squad to be successful. These leaders are Marvin Alfred, Drew Furgeson, Don Carol, Stephanie Lewallen, Neil Lathem, and Blake Lee Moore. Since most of the team is made up of underclassmen, these select few help make it possible for the team to succeed as a whole.
     Coach Sam Ivester stated, “We are starting off as a young team, but I can see us progressing and being great in the near future.” As Coach Sam Ivester mentions, much of this year's team is made up of the sophomores that have recently joined. Others who have just joined the team are juniors and seniors. Even though most of the team is young or inexperienced, they have great potential.
     Senior Michael Hamilton, a 200-meter, 1600-meter, and 3200-meter runner, believes that the team will do a good job this year. He feels that the support from the coaches, and the moral support from the returning favorites will definitely help the team progress and lead to success.
     Hamilton also states that he believes Neil Lathem is definitely one of the leaders on the team. “Neil never gives up, always willing to help, cheerful attitude and a great guy.”
     Coach Matt King, the distance coach, instills a sense of perseverance that keeps all the runners dedicated to their event.
      With all the support the team has and the great amount of confidence found within the team it is apparent that they will have a tremendous year.   

By David Townsend

Staff Writer